I made this Site by myself in HTML and CSS! It's still under construction. This is called a marquee, and i have edited it so that it not only scrolls, but it also functions as a news ish bar. So now, some things that are not too important will scroll through here. It resets once it has displayed everything and starts over. I think that marquees are pretty good.

I made this site in Neocities, using HTML. HTML is very cool in my opinion. You can ,make a site with it by just writing normally with a few things in between Greater than signs and lesser than signs. I think it is very neat because you can make the whole internet and you can write like a normal person. Neocities, (The site that hosts this) Is wonderful, because you can make a website for basically nothing. I wish that i had heard of Neocities earlier, actually. It is so amazing.

How have i got 127 views? Wow! That sure is a lot, to be honest. I hope that actual people have came here, as opposed to bots. But still, 127!? By the time that you have read this, it probably will have changed. I have finally set a site icon. It's from that rubbish meme "Chacha real smooth". Just a picture of some terrifying barney statue with a selfie stick.

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